Friday, January 29, 2016

The Clark Howard Podcast (Podcast Pick)


Do you want to learn how to save more, spend less, and avoid ripoffs? If you do I suggest you subscribe to The Clark Howard Podcast. The Clark Howard Podcast is a daily podcast ( Monday - Friday) that takes Clark Howard's nationally syndicated radio show and packages it for distribution as a podcast. Each episode is approximately an hour and 15 minutes long.

Radio Shows as Podcasts?

I find podcasts to be an excellent format for consuming radio shows that you can't listen to for one reason or another. Podcasts can be like a DVR for radio! I've even discovered new radio shows by listening to their podcasts!


Clark Howard has vast knowledge on funding your retirement plan and building/rebuilding your credit. Clark has put his vast knowledge to use in his own life as proof of its value. Still, Clark doesn't claim to give perfect advice. For example, occasionally a segment called Clark Stinks will be played. Clark Stinks covers when listeners feel that Clark didn't give the best advice. Clark covers these audience concerns on air. I find it refreshing to listen to a true consumer advocate that is focused on helping his listeners have a more enjoyable life. I listen to every episode of the podcast and highly recommend it as a Podcast Pick.


Clark Howard's Official Website: here
Clark Howard On Demand app (Android): here (iOS): here
Pocket Casts (Android & iOS) link to subscribe: here
iTunes link: here

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